Doctor Felice Giacconi, born in 1915 with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of  Padova (1940), first came across acupuncture during the second world war. He became one of the pioneers in this field in Italy. He was one of the most estimeed Italian doctors, as well as being one of the renowned experts in spinal manipulation nationwide.


massimiliano.jpgDoctor Massimiliano Degenhardt born in 1954 with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of  Padova (1979).

He   had  his first  experience working in his uncle’s practise in 1976. He worked  side by side with his uncle,Felice Giacconi, until 1998. He obtained his PhD in spinal manipulation and acupuncture  in Turin in 1983. The following year he broadened his knowledge of homeopathy and Electro acupuncture according to Voll by frequenting the best modern-day specialists.

He followed several specialization courses in Italy and abroad  in acupuncture, posturology, homeopathy and bioresonance.

max.jpgDoctor Max Degenhardt, born in 1980, got his  degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of  Triest (2006).

After his degree he worked  for two years in Triest in hospitals  dealing with  diabetology and  metabolic illnesses. He terminated his specialized training in General Medicine and at the moment he is following  training couses in  acopuncture in Bologna.